We have had people ask over the years if they could get a tax write off by donating to us. And we can finally say YES!!!  
We partnered with New Horizons Foundation who will take care of all the financials and will be able to send you documentation for tax purposes! 

There are now 3 easy ways to donate! Check out our homepage!

  Our greatest need is transportation, as in a BUS!!! Our 2006 RV has faithfully logged over 72,000 miles in the last 5 years, and is literally held together with duct tape! We thank God every day He has protected us and it has been cool being creative with how to help fit all 11 of us in it!!

As "Musicianaries" we’ve been able to share the Gospel through music all across America, and we THANK YOU for being part of the team that keeps us going!!
As things stand, our RV needs to be retired and if you feel you want to help specifically in the a purchase of a bus, please do!

Sign up now to help support Citizens of Glory as they share the Gospel through music.

We greatly appreciate the money you send to help us minister to churches and believers across the nation,

Your contribution helps keep us on the road.

(below are four ways to donate without the tax write off) 

One Time Donation

Make a one-time donation of any amount to Citizens of Glory.

(with tax write off)

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